Ambassador: Zohre Esmaeli

Zohre is only thirteen when her family flees from Taliban’s terror regime in Afghanistan. The road is long and they have to face starvation, violence and mortal fear.

Finally having arrived in Germany, she isn’t free either. Her parents do not allow their daughter using the Internet, leaving the house, not even swimming or cycling.
Zohre is almost 17 when she is adressed on the street: If she would like to work as a model? But still the rules tie her: „An Afghan girl must not be photographed.“ Again Zohre has to escape, this time from the threats of her own brothers…

Today Zohre is the only Afghan topmodel worldwide.
Her life combines extreme contrasts, the love for freedom and the respect for tradition.

She describes her long way into freedom in her book

„Meine neue Freiheit“ (Bastei Lübbe).

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  • Oliver

    Herzlich willkommen an Bord, liebe Zohre