Helping Afghan children in Achern (D)…

Some good little news today, in all this mess we are in. My father sent me some photographs he made when helping refugees from Afghanistan.

He writes:
“Margarita (his wife) and I visited many Afghan children and their parents, who live in a containerconglomerat at Achern. Three times we took a full carload of clothes, books, toys and sweets to these refugees. They are beautiful kids, well educated and very friendly with us. The containerblock of about 20 units 2 floors are opposite of ALDI. After the 3rd trip we decided to go to ALDI and buy more toys and many sweets and chocolate. When stepping out, the kids observed us, but stayed close to the containers, but when we pushed the shopping cart towards them, we felt like in a wasp nest, almost 50 kids around us crying of joy, tears in their eyes and in ours. Margarita gave them the goods, and the excitement would not end. I hope to find these kids in April again.”

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