“Where is God…?” by Shary Osman

A wonderful music video & song by Shary Osman! that we are happy to share!!



Shary about the project:
“When I was writing the Song “Where is God“, I was rather putting an honest question than pointing my finger at what is so obviously not fair in the world.

We preferred to describe how the world could be, instead of showing how bad it actually is.

Whenever children ask about something, you find such a pure and simple emotion. I do call it “Innocence“ and that is in my opinion a most precious and rare gift.

We kind of lost our ability of showing mercy or understanding, we’ve forgotten how to ask the right and important questions. “How did we become the way we are? Why do we do those bad things to each other? Why did we lose faith in life and what brings us to life? Would we be able to go on like this, if there was a God?“

I dedicate the Song and the Video “Where is God?“ to our inner child. The innocent part in all of us, that remained through the years of ignoring our natural born sense for what is wrong and what right!”