Goodbye, dear Cosmonauts… (the last post)


Dear Cosmonauts,

our last interview concluded with Sokratis Lampropoulos’ „call-to-action“: we have to ask the children. If we want to know about their dreams.
This is why our small family left the comfort zone in October 2015 and travelled through Europe:
To give voice to the small & young ones.

We entered a world that we almost had forgotten: the world where dreams still exist and are allowed to exist. Where you cannot hide behind complex wordings or a „the world is like that“.

„No more wars, no more violence.“ This was the main answer when we asked the children what they’d do, were they president of the whole world.
Followed by „there would be no more rich & poor“.

Naive, childish, one might say. Or: „Let them grow up, then they’ll see what a mess this world is.“
I say: „The world IS NOT like that. We MADE IT to be as it is.“ And thus, we always have the power to change it.
We love our children, so why don’t we listen to what THEY WANT?
„Economic growth“, „survival of the fittest“ and „military superiority“ were not among the answers…

They are so full of energy, they have the RIGHT to be listened to.
And, in my opinion, be included in political decisions.

Personally, this voyage was very energy and ressource consuming. We had a handful of sponsors for equipment and consulting on legal issues (thanks everybody!!), but all our messages towards financial or communication sponsors went into nothing. Even the „usual suspects“, when launching a children’s project, refused cooperation. It was hard not to fall into bitterness after around 120(!) „NO“s.
What always helped us to keep going was the sheer energy and inner beauty of all these children we were allowed to meet.
And the great, helpful people that helped us on our way. We love you!!

Thank you, dear sponsors. Thank you, dear Ruediger, Lumina Weidner and Zohre Esmaeli for your support as patrons.
Thank you, dear cosmonauts, who were with us during these galvanizing days.
Thank you – and I know this list can never be complete – Lorena, Sokratis, Ilia, Ekkeli, Petros, Pina & Lina from Arcorosso, Chris, Dennis, Jelena, Wladimir, Tatjana, Valentina, Ingrid and many many more.

Let’s make this a better world for our children.
They deserve it.

Germany, December 7th, 2016