We start in autumn 2015. Into a one year-long quest for answers throughout Europe.
In this year we will film interviews with children and young people in the age between four and 18 years.

We ask them what normally they ask us:
Why are we here?
Where do we come from?
What is the ‚meaning of life’?
Is there a ‚God’?
What is ‚home’?

But we also ask for their fears, their dreams and what they would do, if they were ‚president of Europe’.
We talk to children from different cultures, religions and social class.
Little by little, we learn to see the world with children’s eyes. We watch and listen to them and let them inspire us. Not intellectually but in our hearts.

A caleidoscope will be created, a caleidoscope of perceptions and surprising views on life: a children’s cosmos!