„We borrowed this world from our children.“

If this is true, how can we be sure that we leave behind a world in which they really want to live?

Rapidly growing youth unemployment, environmental pollution, looming wars in Europe and impoverishment paint a very gloomy picture.

If we want to know how children and young people see the world and in which way they want to live in it, well: we have to ask them.

The analytical mind of a child may not be as developed as that of an adult and, of course, the „old ones“ have spent more time on this planet and collected more experience.

On the other hand, children and young people still have an unbiased view on this world and express their wants and needs much clearer than we do.

It is important to listen to the children.
Not only for the future world, but also for the Here & Now.

We will give voice to children and young people in Europe.
To learn from them and to take their fears and dreams seriously.

This is our common duty.